Cadillac’s Personalized Private Offers

Today I received an email from Cadillac — another good reason to be on their mailing list — with a ‘personalized private offer’ on a new model.  Now this was not an email for some super special Blogger discount, but clearly targeted at current owners and the Preferred Pricing program.

I am currently on the lookout for a great deal on a lightly used 2010  CTS Premium or 2008 STS-V, or on the outside rail eventually a 2009 CTS-V.  Certainly if I could manage a new CTS Premium that would also fit my needs.

The gist of the current offer is a $1,500 discount on a Cadillac on top of (below?) Supplier Preferred Pricing, and in addition to any cash discounts currently on offer.  So in the case of a remaining inventory 2009 CTS, that would be $4K cash back, Supplier Preferred Pricing, and $1,500 off, or $8,847 off the retail price.

For a 2010 CTS premium there is no current Customer Cash offer, so it would be $3,403 off the retail price with Preferred Pricing and Private Offer.

Dear Bruce,

There’s only one thing we take as seriously as designing, engineering and building the best cars and trucks on the road: taking care of the people who own them.

In this spirit, we’re offering a personalized private offer created especially for valued owners like you. Use it to receive $500 purchase or lease cash(1) toward an eligible, new 2010, 2011 or remaining 2009 Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicle of your choice, or $1,500 on any eligible Cadillac vehicle(1), now through September 7, 2010.

You can also combine this offer with the GM Supplier Discount and most current incentives for your greatest possible savings. This offer is also transferable to family members in your household.

I don’t think this will quite be enough to get me into a new CTS, but I like the fact that Cadillac is doing targeted marketing well.  There is no higher praise than my reaction — I immediately headed off to the pricing pages to see exactly what the price would be, and then what options I would need etc.  An advertisement that brings the Buyer to the discussion about which Cadillac to buy is a good deal.

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