Cadillac XLR LH2 V8 Tuning – Tune 9A OEM VVT plus less adv high

Tune 9A goes back to OEM VVT Tuning, and pulls 2 degrees of advance near redline where combined timing was above MBT.  Timing elsewhere was returned to OEM. KR attack and decay were modified.  Unfortunately for comparison today’s test was much warmer than yesterday’s test conditions.

XLR Tune 9A-0304 comparison to 8A calc hp

Even corrected the hotter weather today drove ~2 degrees of IAT and ETC delta timing.  Ignoring that difference however, restoring VVT appears to have restored the torque dip at 4800, and looks better above 6400.  Tune 9A ‘solved’ the KR issue as well, which perhaps was coincident with the VVT changes?

XLR Tune 9a-0304 Vdyno Comparison with 8A-0942

Virtual dyno was equivalent between 9A and 8A, although 9A has a lot less timing.  This seems consistent with the delivered torque/hp corrected.

Next I would like to see some 9A data under the same conditions as 8A.


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