Cadillac STS-V Intercooler Flow GPM Bucket Test 3

Today I conducted a new flow test on the intercooler cooling system for my Cadillac STS-V.  Previously I ran a bucket test to determine the actual flow through the intercooler cooling system.  Since that test, the system has been modified to add an inline intercooler tank.  I plan to change the pump from the OEM Bosch pump to a Jabsco 80540-12 pump soon, so today’s test confirms the flow rate prior to the next mod.

The overall purpose of this series of tests and changes is to improve intercooler cooling, which will result in lower intake air temperatures after the supercharger, and let the engine make more power.

To run the test I place a ‘from’ bucket on a table, which has replaced my earlier box due to box degradation.  The From bucket flows into the first heat exchanger.  The To bucket is flowing out of the intercooler.  The goal of the test method is to measure the flow as if the test were not going on — to not impact the flow.  This is why the From bucket is in a raised place.

Today my Son assisted me with timing and checking the test setup.  We ran the test with the car engine on, to simulate working conditions for voltage.

Intercooler cooling flow Result:

We measured a flow of  1 & 3/4 gallon per 30 seconds, or 3.5 gallons per minute (GPM).  This is identical to the flow measured in the earlier test without the inline tank.  I conclude that the inline tank presents no more resistance to flow, or that the changes in hose routing during the tank install improved flow sufficiently to offset the resistance of the tank.


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