Cadillac Detailing — Preparation

Working on some Cadillac detailing on my 2008 Cadillac STS-V.  I spend a lot of time on mods and tinkering and don’t spend enough time on grooming so I am trying to get my shine on.

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Started with the wheels before dinner, since they can be hit with the sun up.  I used a wheel brush, water, and some spray-on wheel cleaner.  Even with some hard scrubbing the wheels could be cleaned up from here, and I’ll need to revisit them again.

Once the sun was behind the houses I rinsed, then used the 2-bucket method with car shampoo to quickly get enough dirt off so you can tell there is a Cadillac under there.  In the two bucket method, one bucket is clean water and one bucket is the mitt or microfiber rinse bucket.  Pull water/shampoo from the clean bucket, apply to Cadillac, rinse the mitt or microfiber out in the rinse bucket, wring it dry, repeat.  The rinse bucket gets dirty quickly, which confirms that you are pulling dirt off the car and into the rinse bucket and not into the clean bucket.

Hopefully if the weather holds I will be out before breakfast in the morning light and get more cleanup and waxing done.  I should have planned ahead and invited @berrylowman to give a master’s class in quick detailing.

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