Cadillac ATS vs World – Rugs, Cities, Dunes

Cadillac ATS travels the world and embraces local textures.  In these 3 episodes, the test drivers explore rug making, a fortified city, and find the end of the road.  Uniquely American sports luxury sedan, meet unique cultures around the world.  Update: Monaco

Journey inside the highly coveted and luxurious world of Moroccan rug weaving and witness firsthand the timeless craft honed by generations of Berber women at Ait Benhaddou.

Watch as we challenge the ATS’s advanced features and set the standard in every corner of the earth:

Take a front seat as our guides, Ross, and driver, Derek, travel to the fortified city of Ait Benhaddou, situated along the ancient caravan route that once connected the Saharan Desert to the bustling trade city of Marrakesh.

The worldwide trek takes a turn down the ancient trade route to the road’s end at the Erfoud sand dunes. The northwestern corner of the Saharan Desert is where the ATS’s refined cockpit gives way to the camel’s saddle.

Cadillac ATS

I enjoy these short videos, and not just for more glimpses of the upcoming Cadillac ATS.  The ATS is on a new, custom rear wheel drive performance chassis, and is bringing 3 exciting powertrain combinations at release.  It is available with all wheel drive (AWD).

Hopefully we will also see the higher power ATS-V break cover.  The V-Series is Cadillac’s high performance version, similar to the M Series for BMW or AMG editions for Mercedes.  The ATS is an ideal platform for V-Series performance, so I can’t wait to see what the GM Performance Division can do with it.

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Update: Cadillac ATS at Monaco

Perhaps the most lauded racecourse in history, the Monaco Grand Prix circuit captivates all and humbles most. Derek Hill returns to the course where he raced twice as a professional and where his father took the podium three times.


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