Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2010-02-24

  • RT @kacbwords: Mark McGuire hits spring training in Cadillac SRX – #
  • Social Media Marketing Takes Auto Industry by Storm: #
  • @janedevin I think I will be ready for something with a V in my next Cadillac, but we’ll see. Depends on how much Son2’s college costs lol in reply to janedevin #
  • @getsweetie I like them ALL lol but I am watching the 07/08 Cadillac STS-V Prices, and the 09 CTS-V prices over the next year or two in reply to getsweetie #
  • .@GMJumpStart South by Southwest SXSW Music , Media Conference & Roadtrip sounds like #Chevy is Doin’ it Right to me. #

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