Cadillac CTS Coupe options mirror how I would market the CTS Sedan

I like the way Cadillac plans to equip and market the new Cadillac CTS Coupe and CTS-V Couple.  The two will arrive in Cadillac show rooms this summer.

Where the CTS Sedan is offered with 3L V6 as the base model, and 3.6L V6 in the Premium or Performance models, the CTS Coupe comes only with the 3.6L in Performance or Premium, and then the CTS-V model.  One can select rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive in either Performance or Premium.

I appreciate that Cadillac wants a range for the CTS, but the 3.0L offers NO appreciable fuel economy difference, and must cost Cadillac the same amount to manufacture as the 3.6L.  I would prefer to see the CTS drop the 3L altogether, and offer the 3.6L throughout the range.  This would simplify the CTS Sedan order book to match the CTS Coupe selections.

For suspension options the CTS coupe offers the FE2 “Suspension, Sport”, with 18″ wheels, or the FE3 “Suspension, Performance” suspension tune, with 19″ wheels.  Both are good selections.  The CTS-V Coupe of course will get the FE4 “Suspension, Performance, with MR”, with 19″ wheels.  The MR suspension of course is a world-class magnetic suspension that is ideal in almost any application.

I wondered if we might see a bit more hp from Powertrain for the CTS Coupe.  But the engine outputs showing so far are identical to previous models:

  • CTS Coupe Engine, 3.6L Variable Valve Timing V6 DI Direct Injection (304 hp [226.7 kW] @ 6400 rpm, 273 lb-ft of torque [368.6 N-m] @ 5200 rpm)
  • CTS-V Coupe Engine, 6.2L supercharged V8 (556 hp [414.6 kW] @ 6100 rpm, 551 lb-ft of torque [734.9 N-m] @ 3800 rpm)

All CTS Coupe models will come with limited slip differential.  The CTS Coupe will receive a slightly more aggressive final drive ratio, which should improve acceleration.

Cadillac has not yet announced the CTS Coupe pricing, but one can expect it to be above the CTS Sedan 3.6L Performance Model at $43K and CTS Sedan Permium Model  at $49K.  I of course recommend that Cadillac re-price the entire line, dropping the 3L option for the Sedan and holding prices across the Sedan to $35K-45K.  I would also price the Coupe in the $40K-45K range, but I suspect that Cadillac will price it in the $48K-55K range, filling the gap between the CTS 3.6L Premium Sedan at $49K and the CTS-V Sedan at $62K.

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