Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-18

  • Connected cars will drive the next internet boom – New Media: #
  • Retention, Timing of product cycle: How Mercedes survived the auto industry squeeze | #
  • 2010 Cadillac Sport Wagon: Everyday brilliance of sporty Cadillac not to be ignored | #
  • RT @gaywheels: 58000 people a month use #onstar to unlock their doors remotely. Wow. #
  • Dexron III Dexron VI – Cadillac Discussion Forum #
  • "Talk to 10 people 10 times rather than 100 people once" RT @Ron_Wheeler: Frequency Drives Dealership Traffic Not Reach #
  • RT @BostonCadillac: Did you know? Making lunch at home for a month could pay for a month's lease on one of Season's Best: The Cadillac CTS. #
  • RT @CaddyDaddy33065: 2 Days left for free shipping for Cadillac logo merchandise, apparel & custom floor mats. #
  • .@getsweetie A Cadillac by any other name would still be a sweet Christmas present. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. #
  • MediaPost Publications Unicast's Roadblock Busting 3-D Rich Media Campaign For Cadillac: #

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