Caddyinfo Twitter Updates for 2009-12-13

  • A tale of two Cadillacs: The wagon & the crossover – MarketWatch: #
  • Pate Museum to Close: Parker County classic-car museum hitting the brakes #
  • Changes, but perhaps needed ones: GM's widespread changes, fast turnovers are raising questions #
  • @GMEmployee Yes; The cars will go on to other collections, but I hate to see it close. in reply to GMEmployee #
  • @LollyDaskal Thank you for posting the mantras. in reply to LollyDaskal #
  • lol you have to team WITH the fax machine. RT @getsweetie: This morning's score: Fax machine 2, Sweetie 0 #
  • @getsweetie the zen of the fax machine is that it only understands the process it expects you to follow in reply to getsweetie #
  • Nice article on Hebrew binary RT @judyrey: Your Name in Hebrew is Hidden in My Paintings | Art & Inspiration Blog #
  • M3 owner, Cadillac CTS-V Challenger Michael Cooper, visits BMWNA, gets new steering wheel: #
  • Fines ineffective on cell use: London drivers love to chat, legally or otherwise – Recombu: #
  • #IfSantaWasBlack be in a Cadillac,w/Gifts for Naughty & Nice.Keep the coal,Heat the NorthPole.Leave him BBQ n he'd visit twice. #
  • Volt, the Converj Prequel: RT @GMEmployee: Will #Volt's juice give #GM a jolt? – #

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