Blinkers and Brakes oh my

Taking my 2005 Cadillac CTS over to Crest Cadillac in Plano on Saturday to catch up on some needed maintenance & repairs.  My Cadillac has been perfectly reliable, but at almost 79K miles is ready for some regular maintenance items.

The front left turn signal is out (bulb); the rear brakes are squeaking so they are ready for new pads; the state inspection is overdue (see turn signal out for one possible excuse).  It could also stand an oil change but I enjoy doing that myself and already have a list for them to review.

I always enjoy visiting a Cadillac new car showroom, so hopefully I can spend some time window shopping.  Crest also has a large customer waiting room and a grill/snack bar on site, so you could almost live there if you needed to.  Usually my visits are very short, but just saying.

Had a second flat tire on my recently patched right rear, so I have a new tire and road hazard coverage for all four tires.  Not sure if there is some new construction in our neighborhood / my normal routes or I just got lucky twice in a couple of weeks.   I am very hard on tires anyway, but first a screw then a gash in the tread, so unlikely driver error.

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