Alpha Cadillac to lead the pack of Entry-level Luxury Cars

Motor Trend has a short update with a Motortrend? graphic artist depiction of what the upcoming, smaller-than-a-CTS Alpha architecture Cadillac might looks like.  The depiction looks great:

Will the new smaller Cadillac look like this?

Will the new smaller Cadillac look like this?

The alpha platform is a larger variant of the kappa RWD architecture used in the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, and Opel GT. The new car will slot below the CTS in price and size. The new car has not been name officially yet. BTS would match as the B-sized Touring Sedan, but we’ll see what Cadillac’s Marketing folks think will suit. I like “Cadillac Alpha”, with maybe the Greek letter for Alpha shown on the car.   I think there is a lot of marketing mileage in that if it is available.  But the platform names are almost never used as vehicle names.

Cadillac has recently debated in the press whether the world is ready for a 4-cylinder Cadillac again. Powerplants under consideration for the new small Cadillac are the 3.6L V6, the newly-on-the-way 3L V6, perhaps the 2.8L V6 or V6 Turbo, and the 2L I4 Turbo from the kappa cars apparently. A diesel variant using the VM Motori sourced 2.9L Turbo diesel may also come along.

Motor Trend notes we may see a coupe or hardtop convertible of the new car. I say WOOT!!

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