With help from TexasJim, Re-Tired

Sunday after my tire incident the STS-V had been towed to Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth (60 miles from home).

Sunday night TexasJim called to volunteer to join the STS-V at Frank Kent, which is his regular Dealer, and make sure they knew it was there, etc.  I hated to infringe on Jim’s time but the best thing to do when someone offers to help and you need help is say “yes!”

Jim arrived over at Frank Kent as soon as they opened, and discussed the situation.  They said nothing for it but new tires.  Jim trimmed the errant tread off the tire, then carefully drove it over to Discount Tire.  We had previously discussed this as an option.  He arrived there before they opened, but waited with the STS-V for them to open and serve the coffee.

Jim got me on the phone and we discussed options with the Discount Tire.  I had in mind some Hankook tires, but they would not arrive until Wed/Thurs, so we picked some Continental tires they had in stock.  Jim stayed with the Cadillac until the tires got on, and until I finally got through rush hour traffic to the tire place.  I dropped Jim back at Frank Kent, and ran home to my other appointments.

Jim’s help was terrific and instrumental in helping things along.  Thanks Jim!

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