What do you love about Cadillac?

What first drew you to the Cadillac brand?

Cadillac V-16 (left) and Sixteen Concept (right)

Was it the Styling? The Cadillac Design Team’s goal is to give Cadillacs a look all their own – a look that’s uniquely American.

Was it the Power? Cadillacs tend to be a wolf in sheep’s clothes when it comes to engine output.  Old school Cadillacs got the largest, most powerful engines available at GM.  Modern Cadillacs tend to have the most powerful & efficient engines available (most HP/Liter).

Was it the Exclusivity? Did you want a Cadillac because it was more exclusive — helped you to stand out more from the crowd?

Was it the Racing Heritage? Cadillac engines and Cadillac vehicles have been racing almost since the marque began in 1902.  A lot of what gives Cadillacs great performance as a luxury car on the road are the same attributes that make great racing cars.

Cadillac LMP 2001-2

What do YOU love about Cadillacs?

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