Taking Cooling Cues from the ZL1

The May 2012 GM High Tech Performance Magazine has a nice article (not on the website yet)  about the new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 development.  The ZL1 uses some parts in common with the Cadillac CTS-V, only with the opportunity for the team to tweak a few things.

  • Intercooler pump:  the ZL1 uses the water pump from the Chevrolet Volt — which is super efficient — but runs it at 80W instead of the Volt’s 50W.
  • Dual mode muffler setup
  • Secondary air inlet to the airbox
  • Redesigned intercooler brick with higher water flow rate and higher air flow rate so less pressure drop

Is this the battery cooling pump perhaps:

13579713 PUMP. Drive Motor Battery Cooling. Engine Coolant.

and the Volt Battery cooling radiator is this one:

20925998 RADIATOR. Drive Motor Battery
RADIATOR, DRV MOT BAT COOL. Required: 01For: RC (2011-2011)

Actually, the Volt battery cooling system looks a lot like an intercooler heat exchanger system:

Chevrolet Volt Battery Cooling System


The ZL1 is rated for 580 hp instead of the CTS-V’s 556 hp — and based on the improved intercooler work it should be more resistant to heat soak.

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