When you know the difference, you want a Cadillac

Even the most basic of automobiles provides fundamental transportation, perhaps with varying results in reliability.

However, to coin a phrase,

Life is too short to drive a crappy car.

I have owned and driven very minimalist cars, and I have owned and driven feature rich luxury cars.  I prefer luxury automobiles because I recognize that there is a difference, and  appreciate the difference.

I would not suggest that anyone spend beyond their means for an automobile.  We all need to spend less than we ‘make’, and one’s automobile tastes also have to fit into one’s budget.

Given the opportunity and means however, I am drawn to a vehicle that is sporty and luxurious.

The current Cadillac line plays right into this field — want more SPORTY?  Go with the V-Series.  Want more LUXURY? Go with the Platinum Models.  Want a good mix of sporty, luxury, and economy?  Look for options on the standard Cadillac models.

Yes, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus all make luxury cars as well.  However, the more time I spend with Cadillac automobiles and the better I understand the care and engineering that goes into the Cadillac line the less likely I am to purchase a competitor.    I have driven the competition back to back with Cadillac models.  I was glad I drove home in a Cadillac.