Exciting things at Cadillac: Coupe, XTS, ATS

With Summer coming on it is good to keep up with where we are in terms of upcoming Cadillacs.

Cadillac CTS Coupe, CTS-V Coupe:

Production should start in June 2010 for the Coupe, and at the same time for the CTS-V Coupe.  These have been very well received at the Auto  Shows, and there is a great deal of excitement about them.  The Coupe is a 2-door Cadillac, which touches a special place with Personal Luxury Buyers.   The Cadillac CTS Coupe could be considered a modern, high tech, high performance, high luxury variant of the classic Eldorado, or Coupe DeVille.

Cadillac XTS:

Developed on the Epsilon II platform, this will be a FWD or AWD luxury sedan.  The Cadillac XTS is similar to the successful Buick Lacrosse with an even higher standard of luxury appointments and styling.  This promises to be an excellent Cadillac.  Think maximum luxury, excellent efficiency, a smart choice for smart Buyers.

Cadillac ATS:

The BMW 3-Series Killer.  This is a smaller-than-a-CTS based on the new Alpha chassis/platform.  The Alpha is being developed from the Kappa ( as used under the Pontiac Solstice/Opel GT/Saturn Sky) and looks to be a very flexible, very capable, very light RWD platform.  Take Cadillac power trains and luxury items, put them on a small, light, efficient package, and you have a recipe for a wonderful Cadillac.  Not every Cadillac is for every buyer, nor should they be.  But for those of us who lean to more sport and less rear seat leg room, the ATS could be the perfect choice.


Cadillac has more refreshes and updates on the way.   For example the long wheel base version of the Alpha is the likely choice for the next generation of CTS.  This is a very good time to get to know your local Cadillac Dealer, and to stay tuned here to CaddyInfo.