Theme updates

Made a few minor updates to the blog theme here at, which is to say the appearance.

Now the top (header) has a brown leather texture instead of plain brown coloring. Hopefully this is reminiscent of the leather used in Cadillacs.
The buttons along the blog now have a touch of wood instead of none, and coloring has changed. I try to use wood touches throughout in the same way that wood touches are used in Cadillac automobiles.
Coloring on the text in the header matches the rest of the page.
Light wood paneling added to the background instead of a solid color background.
Improved framing for the header.
Previously I had changed the upper right photo; I think it may change now and then.

Previous (old) Look

I am open to more changes, so if you see things that are not as elegant as they should be please feel free to share. I think it is not quite where I want it, but I am still sidling up to what the next changes should be. I also look for opportunities to tie themes across the website and forum as well as here on the blog.

My personal tilt is to analysis much more than art, (function over form), so if you have a good eye for this sort of thing let me know your ideas. I am keen to keep the same overall theme, but looking for more visual customizations or changes that would suggest Cadillacs, luxury, performance.

UPDATE: was aghast to see the blog was not spacing properly under IE6, although it did space properly under IE8 and Firefox.  Updated some picture widths and now it all flows properly under IE6 as well.  Dropped the book embed from google as it was taking forever to d/l.