V-V-V Shopping Spree

Darin Partin of Crest Cadillac emailed me to let me know they got in some new V-Series models on the used car side.

  • 2009 CTS-V 15,000 miles Red/Ebony
  • 2009 CTS-V 22,000 miles Black/Ebony
  • 2011 CTS-V Gray/Ebony 3,700 miles w/Recaro seat package

Of course I’m not in the market since my 2008 STS-V is still new-to-me, but I am always glad to see more choice V-Series examples pop up on the local sales scene.

The 2009-current CTS-V has the Supercharged 6.2L LSA V8 for 556 hp, magnetic suspension, Brembo brakes, and is quite literally a supercar in a tuxedo, with running shoes on, if that doesn’t ruin the metaphor for you.  And perhaps a tasteful tattoo of the rock band the V plays in.

My Wife sees exponentially more colors than I do, but feels cars should be pretty Red, so I was shopping for a red 2009 CTS-V when I found my 2008 STS- in Houston.  The STS-V has some luxury features the CTS-V line does not, but oh that LSA Supercharged 6.2L engine what a nice powerplant; the resulting power in the CTS-V is game changing.

These are terrific, world-class sports luxury cars and I hope they go to nice new homes where people can appreciate them.

So, if you have been waiting on the side lines for the ‘right’ time to grab up a nice pre-owned CTS-V you might give Darin at Crest a call; he has 3.