Re: Help Haiti Blog Challenge #haitiblogchallenge @kellydiels

Writer Kelly Diels author of the Cleavage Blog and weekly contributor at Problogger asked for help on this effort to assist with disaster relief in Haiti:

Here’s how we can share, together, so we can give, together, to our people who need and deserve help in Haiti.

  1. Sign up for the Help Haiti Blog Challenge (below). Write about it on your blog and tag it “Help Haiti Blog Challenge“. Ask your people to join you and do the same.
  2. Add the Help Haiti Blog Challenge badge to your blog.
  3. Make your offer: I will donate ________ dollars to _________ on behalf of the next person who buys _________ from me.
  4. Make your donation and tell us how much you donated.
  5. Tweet about it using the hashtag #haitiblogchallenge. Update your facebook status with a request to pass on the message and the call to action. Send e-mails. Everywhere you are, online, talk about the Help Haiti Blog Challenge, tag it, and call your friends, family, colleagues – your people –  to action.

Let’s gather our online people to help our real-life people.

I feel doing things to help our neighbors in Haiti in a time of crisis is correct. Haiti is barely functional as a country on good days, which makes getting aid in to the right places very complex. Please be careful to give money to established Aid Agencies who are in a good position to ensure that funds and help get to people in need.

10% (a tithe) of the income from Caddyinfo goes to help feed the hungry (see This Blog Tithes for the Hungry).  In addition, I pledge to forward a 2nd 10% of income received this Month (Jan 2010) to the effort for Haiti Relief to UMCOR.