Cadillac songs

I have been on a music writing rodeo lately, so I figure I’ll slide in some Cadillac related songs.  Now of course I am not a professional song writer, or musician, or singer, so there are hurdles.  I like to think of it as having plenty of runway.

Cadillac has been a great meme for a lot of tunes already of course.  But since I am fascinated with  song writing, and I have an interest in all things Cadillac, it seems natural to mix the two.

Upbeat Blues numbers with a bit of swing appeal to me as tying to Cadillac’s roots and history while staying forward-looking.    I think my song Cadillac – Baby We Got a Problem manages that.  There is a lot of ground to explore; anything that helps get Cadillac further into the public eye and consideration seems additive for Cadillac and our community here at CaddyInfo.

If you have some Cadillac related songs or other art you would like to share with our CaddyInfo Community please let me know.

Cool air and fun Cadillac songs: Cadillac Grandma @phoebeblume

Temperatures in Texas dropped into the sixties in the mornings. Actually getting some open sunroof time and great driving weather for making hp.

Here’s a song by Phoebe Blume called Cadillac Grandma that celebrates a 500 cubic inch Cadillac and her Owner.

I won’t try to categorize the genre for this piece, but stay with it until it gets rolling…

Here’s a subset of the lyrics:

She knows she’s had her fun and her youth has passed
But she can almost re-live it when she punches the gas
Her heart speeds up when she punches the gas
Her heart starts racing when she punches the gas
Punch it, Grandma, FAST!

Sorry for our IPAD readers, the gadgets on reverbnation are flash-only.

Let me know your favorite Cadillac related song!