Lightly used V-Series

I am constantly car shopping, but here are my current thoughts on narrowing the search for my next Cadillac.

I am excited about the 2006/2007 CTS-V with 400 hp LS2 V8, or the 2007/2008 STS-V with the 469 hp LC3 Supercharged 4.4L V8.  The CTS-V’s tend to be somewhat less expensive due to the year model and original pricing.

Advantages of the 06/07 CTS-V:

  • Easier to modify for more power — throw in a cam and heads
  • Lighter vehicle – 3850 lbs for the Gen 1 CTS-V vs 4233 lbs for the STS-V
  • More visceral / sporty

Advantages of the 07/08 STS-V:

  • More features / Higher standard luxury
  • More room / backseat space
  • More power ‘out of the box’

Both cars are low production and high performance.  Both are ranging near $25-30K based on condition and mileage.

I will be shopping for a model with around 25K miles.  I drive 15K miles a year, so over 5 years I drive 75K miles.  If I purchase at 25K miles, then I can drive a vehicle 5 years and still just be at 100K miles, which is in my experience a bit before higher maintenance/repairs kick in.

Ideal at this point would be a low-mileage 2007 CTS-V with some performance mods already professionally done at a great price.  As the new CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe arrives this summer there may be a lot of V Sedans on the market — here’s hoping.