How DOES your Cadillac make you feel?

Last year Cadillac ads asked, “When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?”

How does your car make you feel?

I love automobiles.  I love the independence, I love the machinery, and the autonomy.  One can get into an automobile and go; it gives options.    Just the raw fact that an automobile can move under its own power, at speed, and corner well is in itself delightful.  It is one of the ultimate tools — utility, entertainment, transportation all in one.

So what are my expectations of the current Cadillac line, when I get into a new Cadillac?

I am looking for elegance and poise.  I am looking for detailed, thoughtful engineering.  For purposeful nuances; “This feature was included because it aids aerodynamics and it perfectly ties out the styling cue along this line”.

Cadillac is a full line manufacturer, and offers a variety of vehicle types and models.    Each Cadillac model offers a different take on luxury, elegance, utility, convenience, economy, efficiency, and performance/sport.

“How does my Cadillac make me feel?”  seems a trite question when examined without the soundtrack and cut-away video.

When I get into my Cadillac I appreciate the fine leather.  The wood touches.   The terrific reliability as I start the engine.  The performance and sportiness as I pull into traffic.  The luxury appointments and entertainment options as I cruise down the highway to my next event.  The detailed engineering that brings it all together in an efficient platform and vehicle that is within the means of many.

How does it make me feel?  Like I am very glad I drive a Cadillac.