Suspension thoughts

My 2005 CTS 3.6L has the base, or FE1 soft-ride suspension. Since I plan to drive it another year or two, I have decided to explore suspension options to add to the fun.

The factory suspensions are:
FE1 Softride
FE2 Luxury or non-height adjusting Sport
FE3 Sport
FE4 with FG2 CTS-V with ‘track’ shocks

Also available are Eibach and Hotchkis aftermarket sway bars and springs.

The CTS tends to measure 0.83g on a 200ft skidpad, and I am hoping to get to 0.87g instead.

A key part of this mod will be testing before and after each step mod to determine what effect.
So first I need to define a handy flat 200 ft diameter circular spot, then the method to be used to ensure consistent measurements.

I have my RaceTechnology AP-22 meter which measures Gs. I am studying the new meters and track data packs to see what will make the best test setup.

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