Saturday Tennis a @Cadillac Escalade

The story so far: I picked up a 2010 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum from Crest Cadillac in Plano to test drive this weekend.

Saturday is often the day for my weekly trip to the large container store for excessive amounts of fresh beverages and other supplies.

2010 Escalade ESV storage

Man does not live on bread alone.  It takes a lot of diet coke and granola bars.  The joy of this ESV version of the Escalade is 3 rows of seats and room behind the 3rd row of seats.  The rear door opens and closes electrically, so after you press the button in the exterior handle it glides open, and a simple press of a button on the open door causes it to glide shut.  No muscles required, and a very user friendly setup once you are familiar with it.

The entertainment system offers this split view of the current music channel and navigation information, so one can have their cake and eat it too.

Later in the day my Son and I went out to practice tennis.   He is taking tennis at Richland Collegiate High School, so we headed over there for some games.  My tennis is, um, old school at best, but we had fun.  We enjoyed the Escalade’s cooled seats on the way.  The Escalade ESV has heated or cooled seats.  I feel cooled seats are an acquired taste, but I am interested to see how I like them after I spend more time with them.

Escalade makes a great tennis partner

After tennis we stopped by Sonic to support the Plano East football team, who were manning the Sonic today.

The Escalade ESV Platinum Mirrors fold in electrically

The Escalade ESV Platinum has cooled and heated cup holders, so no problem at all keeping our drinks cold.  A single button near the cup holder allows one to select from cooled or heated or off, and Son2 reports that by examination from sticking his hand in that yes, the cupholder gets to the appropriate temperature.

I was concerned that the Escalade ESV would seem big in traffic, but it has been just fine in my routine trips, and with all the luxury features it is fun to drive.  The L94 6.2L V8 engine has plenty of power to move the Escalade, and the ESV drives very well.  It smoothly shifts from V8 to V4 mode for fuel economy in a way that is perfectly seamless — an ideal economy solution.  One of the information settings allows one to monitor the instant MPG and the engine mode, which switches from V8 to V4; otherwise I would not know when it switched exactly.

I will be adding a number of articles about the Escalade ESV Platinum over the weekend, so stay tuned!

My Host for this test drive is Crest Cadillac of Plano, Texas.  They are located at 2701 North Central Expressway, Plano, Texas.  You can contact them by phone Toll-free at 1-866-697-9144 or locally at (972)578-7511, or on Twitter or Facebook

3 thoughts on “Saturday Tennis a @Cadillac Escalade

  1. Love the Cadillac Escalade. It is so wide and roomy and just what I need with my large family (mom to 7 kids). Saw a candy apple red Escalade this past week. My favorite color so far!

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