Roadtrip: Cadillac CTS-V vs The World

If you’re not keeping up, that’s a video of GM VP Bob Lutz “getting ready” to race a beautiful CTS-V at Monticello Motor Club.

And one of the best parts?  I am planning to Roadtrip and attend the event!  Actually, this is not technically a roadtrip, as Monticello is a 24 hour drive from here in Texas.   So more of a fly to Philadelphia then have lunch then fly again to Newburgh NY then get a car and drive to Monticello trip.

Cadillac has a fun day planned and it should be a blast.  I am pleased to be included; BodybyFisher (on the Forum) and I will attend from

So, 5 laps for the Cadillac CTS-V and 5 Super-sedan competitors around the same course at Monticello Motor Club, and a fun time for all.

Just meeting the Cadillac Team, and visiting the Monticello Motor Club would be fun.  The whole CTS-V racing the world makes it a must-attend event.

The day will include lunch with Bob, viewing of the V-Series Challenge competition and a post-challenge V-Series driving seminar led by V-Series chief engineer and racing champion John Heinricy.

We should be able to post and tweet from the event, and certainly we’ll have pics to upload after.

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