Quick STS-V tune check-in

Cadillac_STS-V Composite

Grabbed my gear and ran a quick scan on the STS-V to see how it is doing 2 years later.  Odd divot in the pull but could have been situational in the way I did the test; I don’t see an obvious cause in the data.

sts-v quickblast 2015-08-18

Here is a snapshot of the HPTuner screen at max hp (522).  Gotta love a supercharged V8.

stsv 2015 scan1

I will re-run later in the week to see if divot is an anomaly or something to address.  I didn’t realize the divot was there until I reviewed the data to post.  The engine pulls 12 degrees of advance there — perhaps the traction control kicked in?

I was watching during the drive to see how the IAT2 responded, to tell me if the pump was running, coolant circulating, etc for the intercooler.  That seems to be the case.  The STS-V was heatsoaked, it was hot here (100F), IAT1 just starting the test at 120F, and IAT2s at 154F.  Hot, hot, hot.  

The correction factor for environmental conditions the car saw was 1.065, so still around 522.5 x 1.065 = 556 corrected hp similar to 2013 tests.


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