Pair of Cadillac Vs

Although my STS-V wasn’t as clean and nice as I prefer, I was happy to see my remote parking slot attracted another V.
This nice CTS-V Coupe seemed to repel the bright sunlight for my quick iphone pics.

I didn’t get a chance to kibitz with the lucky owner, but hopefully will another day.

Love the CTS-V wheels, with Vs embedded in the pattern.  Cadillac changed from the 6-lug wheels of the 1st Gen CTS-V and STS-V to 5-lug wheels for the 2nd Gen CTS-V.

Here is one of the shots with a bit of color equalization:


2 thoughts on “Pair of Cadillac Vs

  1. Nice couple, if they “got together” I wonder what their offspring would look like…… Hmmm.

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