New hats / / Models needed does a great job with custom embroidered hats. I ordered another lot of hats, updated to the new embroidery lettering. The change to the lettering cost me $9.99, which I felt was quite reasonable since it took the technician time to reset. [FTC disclosure: I paid for the hats and changes and shipping to me. Queensboro only provided great service and customer satisfaction.]

Great model, poor camera work (flash washout). Hats are darker than shown.

We had a few of the hats spoken for as pre-orders, so I sent those out for free, with free shipping.  Good to get your name in early on pre-orders, because they do ship for free some times.  Also tucked some website cards and post cards in the mailed boxes.

Hopefully some of the recipients will send back images of them wearing the hat (with better photographic work).

The hats are actually a dark navy blue, with Red thread for “” and Yellow thread for “Information & Discussion”.  They are quite striking in person.

This image is more illustrative of the hat color: Hats

Old design (left) and New design (right) hats

You can order a “new” design hat here:

The Hats are US$11 each plus $5 Shipping in the US, for a total of US$16.
The hats ship USPS Priority Mail (2nd day delivery).  Contact me here or on Facebook or Twitter if you need international shipping and we can figure something out.

Still want to re-issue my call for Hat Models.

2 thoughts on “New hats / / Models needed

  1. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for commenting, and glad to ‘meet’ you. I am always happy to recommend Queensboro because I have had such good experience with the items I have ordered. I think they do a great job especially for low minimum custom website gear.

    I am interested to see that you also tweet specials / coupons, so I’ll keep an eye out for those.


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