Mityvac intercooler coolant refill?

The intercooler cooling system for the STS-V is self-bleeding, although it can take a bit to complete. I have been considering using a system like the Mityvac 4535 with a compressor to both leak check and refill under vacuum to ensure all air is out of the system.

This system takes a vacuum on the coolant system to pull the air out, and clean fluid in. I would attach it at the Tee reservoir.

The Mityvac 4535 is around $108 but perhaps can be had on loan from O’Reilly’s Autoparts. Then I’ll need to get a better air source to draw a vaccum. Either would be a seldom use item for me so that makes them dear to purchase. It is possible a local shop could do this also but the fee might have paid for one of the tools.


An alternate appears to be the UView 550000 Airlift Cooling System Leak Checker and air purge kit.

Thinking I will add this process after I replace the intercooler hoses with the Spectre stainless kink-free hoses planned for this weekend.


I ‘cheated’ and ordered the Mityvac 4535, and will have to shop a larger air compressor. Should made my intercooler experiments easier and more controlled.



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