Less Torque Management Advance is better Torque Management Advance

This tune had a couple of fixes to try to eliminate the torque management advance. They were partially successful.

Previous run showed two spikes with up to 12 degrees of torque management advance; this run had one spike with only 4.2 degrees. Although there is still some TMA, this was progress.

I have been showing the graphs as xy graphs, hp to rpm for example, which is the way a dyno might show similar data. However, this does not consider the time aspect — it takes much less time for the engine to get to 4500 rpm than from 4500 to 6500 for example.

This shows time offset from hptuners scan along the X axis instead of RPM. My impression is that they are time in seconds of the scan. It is time correct, and RPM builds from left to right but I have not discerned a best way to show both the HP vs RPM and HP vs TIME on one chart yet.

This second chart is useful however for understanding when events occur in time — go WOT, tip-in and boost, torque, and RPM build rapidly. A largely flat torque curve that matches the boost curve.

The remaining TMA retard appears to coincide with rapid boost development. My next test will be to see if that is a limiter.

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