Is Newer More Fun?

I must like to shop, because I certainly take a long time in some cases to settle on my next purchase!

Today’s question, is a newer car inherently more fun than an older model?

One of the Corvette Designers, when asked which Corvette was the best one, replied, “One should always buy the newest model on can afford, because the latest Corvette is always the best one we know how to make” or similar.

The same is true for Cadillac as well — the latest models have the latest electronics, convenience features,  and technology.

When choosing between a high-line 2008 Cadillac STS-V and a fully-loaded entry level 2010 Cadillac CTS Premium Model however, the older STS-V had a higher level of standard features.  Options like Heads-Up Display, lane departure warning, and blind spot alert are included on the STS-V and still not available in the CTS even in the Premium Model.

But is the newer 2010 Cadillac CTS cooler just because it is NEWER?  The nav system would have newer maps, the warranty will run longer, the exterior design is fresher.

Both cars cost about the same at the moment.

How much more FUN is NEW?

One thought on “Is Newer More Fun?

  1. Newer Cadillac has more features, and technology

    yet there is inevitable satisfaction that comes from older (well restored) Cadillac.

    I am planning to buy newer Cadillac (after 2005) and classic 59 eldorado to add to my Cadillac collection.

    I currently own 1989 Cadillac deville (only 80,000 original miles)and in good condition.
    and the joy it gives me is overwhelming.

    sharp yet long body, extra comfort leather, classic wood trim, hood ornament, grill are just few things i can name.

    however, of course, newer model Cadillac is really nice.
    they completely changed up their game.
    yet I find their seats to be less comfortable and feel more cramped compared to my deville (with exception of escalade)

    anyways good article!

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