Heated steering, heated seats, happy Winter Cadillac Motoring

This morning my local weather was a brisk 14F here north of Dallas, and we were a relativly warm spot in the US.

My Cadillac lost its garage spot to an antique Roadster replica I am restoring, so we both start out in the cold together. Before I used it, I considered the heated steering wheel a bell or whistle sort of accessory — interesting, but not all that useful. Now it is one of my favorite comfort accessories in the winter. The heated steering wheel is an electric coil arrangement under the leather of the wheel, and is controlled by a switch on the steering wheel. On a cold morning it is very cozy.

Heated seats are easier to understand the value, and my 2nd thing to turn on. The heated seats in my STS-V have 3 selections for intensity; I prefer the lowest setting. I toggle the seat heater on, then turn it down twice to low. By the time I am well on my way, my core temp is warm.

Cooled seats have been harder for me to get used to in review vehicles that had them. Cold air from the seat gives a jarring impression rather than comfort. Perhaps it is an acquired taste.

Do you use your heated or cooled seats a lot or are they frills?

1 thought on “Heated steering, heated seats, happy Winter Cadillac Motoring

  1. Heck Yah! I use them all, all the time in my Deville! It was recently -20 F and I love being able to turn on the seat heaters for my wife and grandkids as well… before they enter the car. They always notice and thank me! The heated steering wheel is the BEST! I did not think I would use it, but I really love it! The driver side heated seat in my STS has not worked since I bought it… sure would love to repair it! Could it actually be as simple as a fuse? If not, I saw Rock Auto had an aftermarket seat heater. I watched the video and thought, ” I do not think I could get that seat apart and back together….”
    Thanks for asking!
    Ohio Jim

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