Cadillac ATS-V Engine rumors?

When GM Engineering wanted to supercharge the 4.6L V8 Northstar, they took the displacement down to 4.4L to add a bit more wall thickness. When they wanted more pressure for the 2.4L ecotec four, they took the displacement from 2.4L down to 2L.

What might we expect to see for a high- pressure variant of the LF3 3.6L twin-turbo from the VSport for the upcoming ATS-V?

Would it be surprising to get a 3.2L turbo variant with 20 psi instead of 12 psi? If 12 psi added 420 – 321 = 99 hp, (8 hp/psi) will another 8 psi bring us up to 485-500 hp?

An ATS-V in that range would make a fitting new member of the V-Series. Keeping the weight off the new V and adding the 8-speed tranny (a first for the ATS line) will bring the power on coming out of corners. Can’t wait to hear the Specs — hopefully with the ATS Coupe release at the NAIAS.

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  1. I have a squeaking coming from my power steering pump on my 2001 caddilac deville.
    It dosent seem to have a leek.
    Do I need to change the pump or what.

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