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IMG_2772The CaddyInfo Cadillac forum is back up after update and back online.  There are some changes that are still batching and until they finish, some of the layout may not be correct, such as quotes, signatures, lists, images, etc.

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  1. Hi Bruce, previously I ask a question about my 97 ETC. Had “oil pressure low STOP ENGINE” light coming on. Independent mechanic was suggesting rebuilding engine. He stated that “I don[t normally rebuild engines but I will do it for you”. That kind of set off a red flag. Let me tell you how it acts: has to be warmed all the way up and usually I have been running on expressway at 65 or 70 mph. When I get off exit, oil can begins to flicker and message comes on. I found, if I put transmission in neutral and give the car gas, the light goes out. I took car to Cadillac and they replaced Oil Pressure Sensor Connector (it was leaking oil around it). Well, it is still not fixed. Do you think, given the scenario above it could be the oil pump? Cadillac thought this after I told them car was not fixed. What do you and others think???? I really don’t have options of where I can get it fixed. I do trust my Cadillac dealer I have been getting the car serviced there for 20 years.

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