Datalogging Dinner, and inital impressions

Dinner Run

Dinner Run Click to Enlarge

Got the RaceLogic PerformanceBox in the mail today.  Not really a good time for a real acceleration run, but I got it setup in the Cadillac CTS.  Out of the box a registration code from the RaceLogic website has to be entered into the Performancebox to enable all features.  That done, I left the unit on and went to pickup dinner.  The unit records to an SD card if available, and the RaceLogic folks were kind enough to toss in a 2G SD card in exchange for taking an online survey on the purchase.  I grabbed the dinner sack, the SD card out of the Performancebox, and plugged the latter in to my PC so I could play with the data file while I ate.

RaceLogic Performancebox

RaceLogic Performancebox (stock image)

Not much fun acceleration or g-force data in traffic, but it was very easy to save off a google earth datafile from the datalogged, and to load the file up in google earth.  This resulted in a nice map plot with my dinner route.  Then I saved off the google earth result as an image (jpg) file and loaded it here.  Fun.

The route varied somewhat in altitude, but we are around 500ft above sea level.  Looks like 6 or 7 GPS satellites were visible at different times during the trip.  The unit acts as a continuous digital speedometer.  Nothing to hit or push to start a data run, as it is logging data continuously.  Just stop to 0 mph, then accelerate to the desired test velocity.  You get an instant readout of summary info on the gadget while in the car, and a detailed data file to analyze back on the PC.

Cadillac CTS-V Front and Rear Swaybars

Cadillac CTS-V Front and Rear Swaybars

Because the unit is a continuous data logger, I am hopeful that it will be an easy tool to baseline lateral acceleration as I upgrade the suspension on my 2005 Cadillac CTS with components from the 2005 Cadillac CTS-V.

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