CTS-V STS-V V-Series Vanity Plates

The first rule of vanity license plates is that they are individual.  The whole point is you get to pick / specify what you want on your license plates, within a range, so that you can personalize it for your car, personality, lifestyle, etc.  So you can’t do it wrong, if you pick one you like.

A number of Cadillac V-Series — CTS-V, STS-V vanity plates tend to focus on the resemblence of the CTS-V to a 4-door Corvette, the LS2, LS6, or LSA engines in the CTS-V, or to things that rhyme with “Cad”, short for Cadillac.  Thus one might find:

  • 4DRVET
  • 4DRZR1
  • 556HP
  • LS6CAD

All these work great, and fit the Cadillac.

When asked, I would point out that the V series are all obviously recognized as Cadillacs, so the tags need not emphasize this point.

The V-Series V stands for Velocity.  Velocity comes from the latin velocitas, swiftness, speed.  I would suggest vanity plates that play on the V:

  • VSWIFT (for very swift)
  • ENVY

What would your favorite creative Cadillac V-Series Vanity plate say?

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