Cadillacs on the Road

Yesterday we drove around 900 miles from Plano, Texas to Indianapolis, Indiana.    The weather was a sunny 104F when we started, and fell to 83F in the rain by the end of the trip.  We are here in Indy for the Gen Con Indy gaming convention.

Our 2005 Cadillac CTS has plenty of trunk room for luggage and accessories for four adults.   With a combination of luxury and performance features, Cadillacs make excellent touring cars, which for me is to say that they are perfect for touring.  This trip took around 14 hours, and the CTS was a great companion.

Usually I enjoy XM radio for trips — jazz, or perhaps book radio, or sports events.  This trip included 12+ hours of my passengers singing Irish drinking songs and practicing Irish accents.  Now THAT’s entertainment for traveling.

Just over 26 mpg with luggage and A/C on, with speeds running near the marked speed limits along the way.   We ended up stopping more often for convenience than the CTS needed to stop for gas, which is a good pattern.  I did discover that granola bars have a lower melting point than the temperature in the trunk on a hot day.

I have definitely decided I need to get a dedicated navigation unit.  Counting on the cell phone nav units also requires that the person who owns the cell phone is not using same for some other entertainment.

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