Cadillac XTS Platinum for 2013

Cadillac XTS Platinum is the maxed out, fully-loaded version of the new Cadillac XTS.  The Cadillac XTS Platinum starts at $59,080.   With a premium paint selection my Cadillac XTS Platinum came out to just over $60K.

2013 Cadillac XTS Platinum with 20″ wheels

A standard Cadillac XTS comes well equipped.  Up from Standard, Cadillac offers trim upgrades to Luxury, or Premium as with other models.  Platinum is Cadillac’s top of the line equipment level and comes with special features that can’t be ‘optioned up’ into other trim levels.

Cadillac XTS Platinum features:

Platinum Features

The XTS Platinum Collection takes luxury and refinement to an entirely new level with Opus full-leather seats, a leather-wrapped interior with color-contrast20 stitching and an elegant microfiber sueded headliner. Exterior details include a chrome-accented grille and exclusive 20” polished wheels with chrome inserts.

The Platinum trim includes or replaces features included on the Premium trim

  • 20″ polished aluminum wheels with chrome inserts
  • UltraView® power sunroof
  • Rear-window power sunshade
  • Rear side-door manual sunshades

“You want dubs on your Cadillac XTS Platinum?  Comes with.”

Note to the reader:  ‘dubs’ is a street term for wheels which are 20 inches or larger in diameter.  It apparently evolved from emphasis on the letter W in twenty.

Cadillac XTS Platinum or V-Series?

Cadillac tends to describe V-Series or Platinum versions of models as either-or.  They either plan to create a V-Series for models with more sports car orientation, such as the CTS and CTS-V, or Platinum versions for models that are more luxury oriented, such as Cadillac XTS Platinum or Cadillac Escalade Platinum.  The Cadillac XTS Platinum comes with many earlier V-Series exclusive features, such as Magnetic Ride Control and Brembo brakes.

Summary — Cadillac XTS Platinum

Out of the box the Cadillac XTS is a very capable choice.  The Cadillac XTS Platinum takes the Cadillac XTS to the next level.

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