Cadillac XTS: What does XTS stand for?

The XTS in Cadillac XTS is a striking name.  Cadillac changed from memorable names like Eldorado, Seville, 60 Special, to 3 letter names to change with the times, and to sync up with the competition.

Cadillac XTS

Cadillac XTS (Cadillac News Photo) (06/26/2012)

Earlier Cadillacs with a sporty, firm suspension were designated as Touring Sedan models.  The Seville Touring Sedan became a distinct, separate model in the line, and was referred to as the Seville STS, although this was repetitive.  Later it simply became the STS, and the luxury variant became the SLS.

When the CTS arrived many felt that it might mean Catera Touring Sedan, but Cadillac suggested that it might mean C-class Touring Sedan.  The C-class refers to a general size of car, such as the BMW 3-series or the Mercedes C-class.  The CTS was actually larger than these models, but it gave insight on Cadillac’s naming conventions.

When SRX arrived, the X actually stood for crossover, as in sport recreational crossover.  Yes, there is no X in crossover, but cross is occasionally abbreviated as X.  For the XLR the X stood for eXperimental, as in experimental luxury roadster.

2013 Cadillac XTS

The 2013 Cadillac XTS in New York, New York. (Photo by Mike Appleton for Cadillac)

XTS in Cadillac XTS?

So what do the Cadillac XTS letters mean?  I am sure Cadillac would say that they are the name of the car, and not an acronym.  Since the XTS is a larger Cadillac, an imaginative response might be that they mean “Extended Touring Sedan”.    In keeping with the XLR tradition they would mean “Experimental Touring Sedan”.    Based on the sound the XTS name evokes, they might mean “Excellent Touring Sedan”.  Since XTS is a showroom for new technologies and features, I feel that “Experimental Touring Sedan” fits it well.

What is your favorite meaning for Cadillac XTS?


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  1. I like the story I saw on another blog. Since this car was replacing both the STS and DTS, for a working title they used xTS, with the x to be filled in later. Bob came in, said, “XTS huh? I like it.” Since then it was the XTS.

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