Cadillac XLR Volant Intake baselines

XLR Tune3 Volant2 vs Volant1

Today’s test was a repeat for baseline of the Tune3 with Volant air intake.  Today’s test in Red, previous test in blue.  What we see is that the two results are close, although the blue run has a late peak I would like to repeat more often.

xlr tune3 volant 2

At 6626 rpm today’s run was at 25.5 advance, AFR commanded 12, 192 ECT, -1.0 IAT Adv.

xlr tune3 volant 1

Previous run at 6625 RPM was at 25.0 advance, AFR commanded 12 with 203 ECT, -1.1 IAT adv.

The engine torque calculation guessed today’s run was making more power (297 vs 290), but the Virtual Dyno showed the reverse.

I think it is important to capture this type of data to calibrate the test.  The two lines do ‘snake’ together a bit and graphically are equivalent if one ignores the difference in peak values.  I plan to collect more baseline data then move on to Tune4.

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