#Cadillac XLR LH2 V8 Tuning – Tune 9B #Tuning #VirtualDyno

Tune 9B removes IAT multipliers below 6000 RPM from Tune 9A to keep them from causing KR.

XLR Tune 9B and design for tune 10

Tune 9B tests ran almost no KR, so removing the IAT adders helped there.  The totals were good at 317-320 2nd gear HP.

XLR Tune 9B VirtualDyno with 9A

Both 9B runs were pretty wavey but overall 9B made at least as much WHP as 9A.

In the first graph it is clear that Tune 9B is running MORE timing than the MBT table.  For Tune 10 I am zeroing out PE/COT timing adder and touching up the base timing to pull timing down to the MBT timing shown in gold.

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