Cadillac SRX leads Dec 2011 Sales

Lots of happy holiday arrivals for Cadillac SRX owners with 7,324 finding new homes in December.  The current edition Cadillac SRX continues to sell well.

The Cadillac CTS sales followed well at 5,420 combined sales of the CTS Coupe, CTS Sedan, CTS Sport Wagon, and V-Series models.

Escalade sales were muted, with gas prices up.  Escalade continues to be a solid seller.

2011 December Cadillac Sales

Overall Cadillac improved sales by 3.7% for 2011, which should be viewed as a major transition year.  With the DTS and STS retiring ahead of the arrival of the XTS and ATS one could easily predict this would be a challenging year for total sales.  Sales growth in transition is something to be happy about.


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