Cadillac Shopping

I have enjoyed my 2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6L, and it has been a very good car.  It has around 83K miles on it, and is still under an extended warranty for a bit.    Now seems the right time to shop for a replacement — after all the best time to shop for a new car is when you have one that is going well and getting you around.

I *think* that the automobile I have settled on for shopping is a 2010 Cadillac CTS Premium model.  The Premium model is a top flight 3.6L model.  Although I would enjoy a 2011 model, I am budgeting for a 2010 lightly used certified pre-owned example as opposed to the more expensive new 2011.  The other options that still tempt me are to grab up a 2008 STS-V, or a 2007 CTS-V since they are both in the same or lower price range.  I really enjoy having my daily driver be under warranty however, and have the benefit of the local Dealership team on call if needed.  So the 2010 CTS Premium seems a good choice.

Although we have enjoyed a couple of deep snow days, a Rear-wheel drive model makes sense here in Texas.  Interestingly, in the used market the AWD models pop up as a bit less expensive.  Also the CTS Sport Wagons pop up in the mix.  I like the Sport Wagon, but don’t need the added utility.  I am not AGAINST an AWD model either, I simply don’t need the added utility and it does come with a bit of weight.

I have several ‘standard’ search spots I monitor along, but I also sent a note to my local Cadillac Dealer to let them know I was starting to look in earnest again.

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