Cadillac sales up 5% in April 2014 on strong SRX, CTS

Cadillac sales in April were up 5.1% overall for the month, although still down for the year to date.  SRX moved over 4,500 units again in April, and CTS made a surprising showing — perhaps best month ever for the new redesign?

ATS was flat, still well off the 5K per month target.  XTS was down sharply; CTS may be grabbing up all the XTS sales now?    Escalade continues to fade.

The ELR sold 61 examples, first time it has not sold more per month than previous:

  • 6 in Dec
  • 41 in Jan
  • 58 in Feb
  • 81 in March
  • 61 in April

And a new total of 247 ELRs have found new homes.  At this pace we might predict a total sales near 750 for the year?

The press release below suggests 61% of Cadillac buyers were new to the marque, so that seems good news for overall growth.


  April (Calendar Year-to-Date)
January – April
  2014 2013 %Change Volume   2014 2013 %Change Volume
ATS 2,737 2,725 0.4   10,055 12,475 -19.4
CTS 3,270 2,398 36.4   10,929 10,260 6.5
DTS 0 0 ***.*   0 3 ***.*
ELR 61 0 ***.*   241 0 ***.*
Escalade 877 919 -4.6   3,100 3,609 -14.1
Escalade ESV 448 619 -27.6   1,831 2,465 -25.7
Escalade EXT 2 199 -99.0   44 773 -94.3
SRX 4,547 3,478 30.7   19,450 16,334 19.1
XTS 1,958 2,891 -32.3   7,838 10,021 -21.8
Cadillac Total* 13,900 13,230 5.1   53,488 55,942 -4.4



Press Release:

DETROIT – Cadillac’s U.S. sales for April show that the brand’s products continue to attract new buyers. Retail sales to individual consumers were up 12 percent, with total sales up 5 percent, including a 55-percent decline in fleet sales.

Sixty-one percent of U.S. Cadillac buyers in April were new to the brand, and did not trade-in or dispose of a prior Cadillac model.

The SRX crossover is selling at a record pace through the first four months of 2014, and increased 31 percent in April year-over-year. Initial deliveries of the all-new, next generation 2015 Escalade SUV began in the U.S. in April. Sales are off to a brisk start, as Cadillac closed April with less than five days’ supply of the new Escalade available.

The 2014 Cadillac CTS sport sedan sales increased 36 percent. The brand estimates that the CTS has gained more than two points of market share so far in 2014 in its midsize luxury car segment. The 2014 CTS has been named Motor Trend Car of the Year, one of Car and Driver’s 10 Best, Road & Track’s 2013 Luxury Car, an Top Rated Vehicle and an Automobile Magazine 2014 All-Star.

“It was a strong month for Cadillac, as new products are driving growth and attracting new buyers,” said Bill Peffer, Cadillac U.S. vice president of sales and service. “Strong sales in March and April have enabled us to pull even with 2013, despite the industry’s very cold start to the year.”

Cadillac last month was also rated highest in customer satisfaction with dealer service among luxury brands by J.D. Power. The ranking followed being named a J.D. Power 2014 Customer Champion in March

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