Cadillac LH2 Engine Dyno Curve data table

As part of my ongoing tests for the LH2 VVT 4.6L V8 in my XLR I wanted more info than the published engine dyno from Cadillac offered.

XLR LH2 Virtual Dyno Plot vs Values

To build a data table, I took the image of the engine dyno, and overlaid a line graph over the image, then modified the data table for the line graph until it perfectly or closely followed the engine dyno graph.  You can see the spreadsheet line as dashed blue in the image.

Here is the resulting data table:

RPM LH2 Engine Dyno
1000 41
1500 75
2000 102
2500 131
3000 154
3500 188
4000 226
4500 264
5000 287
5500 306
6000 312
6400 320

Having more exact data from the engine dyno lets me compare it to the results I am seeing in detail:

XLR Tune 6G comparison to Virtual Dyno and Engine Dyno


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