Congrats Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon!

Congrats to the excellent Engineers and Suppliers at Cadillac who were recognized by an Engineering Society for innovation (39th Society of Plastics Engineers’ Automotive Innovation Awards Competition):

Body Exterior: Exterior spoiler with integrated stop light assembly is used on the  Cadillac® CTS® Sport Wagon.

Highly dimensionally stable, this thermoplastic Class A horizontal body panel meets stringent gap requirements by managing a low coefficient of thermal expansion (3.9) while also maintaining heat, impact, and surface quality for a highly aesthetic application.  The center-high-mounted stop light is also integrated in this part.

Read more: Injection-Molded Breakthroughs Highlight SPE Winners – 2009-11-17 16:49:29 EST | Design News.

Another example of a part that one might take for granted as part of the CTS Sport Wagon design that the experts recognize as an innovation.


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