Cadillac BRX becomes SRX and SRX becomes Escalade sort of

Previously Cadillac had announced that the Epilon/Theta architecture vehicle we had been expecting to bow as the smaller crossover BRX will now be the next generation SRX.

Today Motortrend broke the news that the Escalade will move to the Lambda platform.  Now for those not keeping score, the lambda platform is the successful basis for the:

The current SRX is on a stretched Sigma platform, as the previous CTS and current STS are.  The new CTS is on Sigma II.  I was confused as to the main differences between the Sigma SRX and the Lambda Quadruplets, but the Lambda’s are FWD/AWD while the SRX is RWD/AWD.

So, while the BRX became the SRX, the Escalade becomes something like the SRX, only one would assume AWD.  The Escalade should also be the only V8 available on the Lambda platform, and benefit from the current LS3 or LSA engines.

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