Cadillac ATS notes, thoughts & snippets

Had a fun drive in the ATS Sunday afternoon, so here are my Cadillac ATS notes, thoughts, and snippets that one might not find in other reviews.

The EPA mileage rating for the 3.6L automatic is 19/28 mpg city/highway, but I suspect that with care drivers can see 29/30 mpg on trips.  My highway touring was often at 30+ mpg average at 65-70.

Cadillac ATS rear view

The Cadillac ATS is a fun car to drive.  This is a great achievement for Cadillac, or anyone else who makes cars.  If you make cars that are fun to drive people want to buy them.  The ATS has plentiful acceleration, agile handling, and great fuel economy while doing it.

Collection of notes, thoughts and snippets from my weekend test drive:

  • The location of the front hood release is much improved.  By moving it forward and tightening how it is located in the trim it is much harder to mistake the hood release for a foot break release.  Bravo.

    Cadillac ATS hood release improved

  • The oil cap notes dexos   — this is a new oil standard from GM (see link)

    Cadillac ATS oil fill cap

  • No cover for the cup holders in the center console — I do use my cover in the STS-V when the cup holders are not in use.  Also note in the picture that to the left of the center console there is a small trim tab sticking out toward the passenger seat.  This appears to supposed to be tucked down into the trim?

    Cadillac ATS center cup holders

  • Onstar Controls are moved off the mirror itself and onto the upper center console; this perhaps makes the mirror smaller and certainly makes it lighter

    Cadillac ATS overhead center console controls

  • The ATS has a ‘standard’ fuel filler cap, with a yellow flex fuel cap.  My Dealer mentioned that the new cap-less system on the XTS weighed slightly more, so it didn’t earn its way onto the ATS where weight is at a premium.  I like the capless system.
  • This appears to be a small tweeter (speaker) in the headliner over the driver’s head.  Also could be the mic for hands free audio.  It does vibrate with the stereo sound, but I suppose either would.
    Overall sound in the ATS Luxury model I tested was great.

    Cadillac ATS tweeter

Cadillac ATS Notes — The Bottom Line?

  • The bottom line – would I personally write a check for a Cadillac ATS?  Yes, the ATS 3.6L Premium has now moved onto my shopping list, along with waiting to see the ATS-V when it arrives.

Crest Cadillac

My thanks to Crest Cadillac of Plano for providing me with the ATS to test.  Please also see my First Impressions article for this test drive, and ATS vs Gigantor.


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