Cadillac ATS First Impressions

This fine Saturday morning I picked up a new Cadillac ATS 3.6L from Crest Cadillac in Plano, Texas for a weekend test drive.  The Cadillac ATS is the newest Cadillac, still reaching showrooms in numbers.  It promises to be the best-selling Cadillac — and best value — of this generation, so let’s take a close look.

Cadillac ATS First Impressions — ATS is the BMW of Cadillacs

The Cadillac ATS is light and nimble.  By light I mean it weighs around 3,400 lbs versus my STS-V at 4,200 lbs.  By nimble I mean that it goes where you point it, in a hurry.  The lighter weight makes the 3.6L V6 seem more muscular than it does in other Cadillacs — it is more than capable in the CTS, but in the ATS it takes on a whole new attitude.

Cadillac ATS First Impressions – Head on

My test car is a 2013 Cadillac ATS in light blue metallic.  It is a luxury model, with navigation and driver awareness package.  These bring the sticker up to $44K.

I was concerned that rear seat room might make the ATS too small for my family use — but it looks as if it would work fine, and has just enough room for touring.

Cadillac ATS First Impressions — rear

 Cadillac ATS First Impressions — 2L Turbo or V6?

I have argued that the 2L Turbo engine will be the sweet spot for the ATS performance versus value, but if your budget allows the 3.6L is certainly an excellent choice.  It has a healthy growl that is quite charming, and just the right note for a performance Cadillac.

Crest Cadillac

My thanks to Crest Cadillac of Plano for providing me with the ATS to test.  The staff is always ready to help, and I enjoy visiting with other Cadillac fans.

More to follow — I like to get a ‘first impressions’ out on pick-up, then I will add articles through the weekend.

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