Cadillac April Sales up 34% in 2013

Cadillac sales were up 34% in April, with momentum led by the new models — ATS and XTS.  Cadillac SRX sales were actually down 13%, and CTS sales were off 43% as we look for the new 2014 redesign to arrive in the Fall.

Cadillac ATS -- Theo Johnson tests the brake system on an ATS

Cadillac ATS — Theo Johnson tests the brake system on an ATS

Cadillac XTS sales at 2,891, and ATS sales at 2,725 took up the slack, pushing Cadillac to 37% increased sales so far for the year.

ATS sales are still below target — this model should be selling at 5K+ per month.  Although it appears at first that ATS is cannibalizing CTS sales, 80%+ of ATS sales are conquests, not former CTS customers.  Cadillac is still not getting the ‘goodness’ of the new ATS design and execution in front of their target customers.

  April (Calendar Year-to-Date)
January – April
  2013 2012 %Change Volume   2013 2012 %Change Volume
ATS 2,725 0 ***.*   12,475 0 ***.*
CTS 2,398 4,202 -42.9   10,260 16,276 -37.0
DTS 0 39 ***.*   3 275 -98.9
Escalade 919 908 1.2   3,609 3,914 -7.8
Escalade ESV 619 543 14.0   2,465 2,420 1.9
Escalade EXT 199 141 41.1   773 535 44.5
SRX 3,478 3,998 -13.0   16,334 17,290 -5.5
STS 1 20 -95.0   2 107 -98.1
XTS 2,891 0 ***.*   10,021 0 ***.*
Cadillac Total 13,230 9,851 34.3   55,942 40,817 37.1

Sales for the Mercedes brand rose 5.8 percent to 23,635 in April, while BMW posted a 10 percent increase to 23,225.  Cadillac has a lot of room for improved sales.

Cadillac was the industry’s fastest-growing brand in the first quarter, and April’s results bring the brand’s year-to-date sales increase to 37 percent.

Cadillac Press Release:

DETROIT – Driven by the popularity of two new cars – the ATS and larger XTS – sales of Cadillac luxury sedans are up 109 percent compared to models the brand was selling a year ago. April was the 11th consecutive month of year-over-year retail sales gains.

Total U.S. sales for Cadillac were up 34 percent for April and 37 percent for the first four months of the year.

“The ATS sport sedan and XTS luxury sedan have significantly broadened our portfolio, and are attracting new buyers to Cadillac,” said Chase Hawkins, vice president of Cadillac sales and service. “This growth is driving market share increases for the overall brand and in specific key segments.”

The ATS sport sedan continued to bring in new customers from competitors. More than eight in 10 ATS buyers traded in something other than a Cadillac with most non-GM trade-ins coming from BMW, Audi and Lexus.

The XTS luxury sedan gained nearly a full percentage point of market share in April, despite deep incentive offers from luxury competitors. April was also XTS’s best month for sales to individual customers since its launch.

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